Intake cam sprocket and valves

I just finished putting new gaskets in my 2001 yz426f and when I went to put the cam sprockets back on the intake didnt line up right it was either to high or to low and when i tried to rotate the crank counterclockwise it would go round a couple of times until the intake lobs hit the valve caps and stop i think i might.have cycled it with the chain off the intake cam when i was taking it off i have a pic of the cams i was just wondering if i messed the valve timing up or something first time doing this any help would be greatly appreciated


Your intake cam is one tooth too far advanced (forward). Re-time it back one.

The intake cam is the one on the right? And by back you mean it needs to be closer to the valve cover?

And i have tried it one tooth closer to the valve cover and it still gets stuck and wont move when the lobs hit the vlave caps

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