is it worth to change from 06 to 13 wr450f?

Will it easier to ride in tight woods and single track?

Is that the stock ECU cannot tune by the Power Tuner?

Yes, absolutely.

The stock ECU is locked and cannot be tuned by anything. The GYTR ECU (approx $100 USD) is unlocked and can be tuned by the GYTR FI tool, and comes with a base map that assumes you have removed the throttle stop and airbox plug, and have an open exhaust. Other FI tuners may work as well, but I don't know for sure.

I know neither of the following bikes are the ones you are trying to compare but, I own a properly set up 07 and was able to ride a 12 and can say that the 12 handled better than my 07 in tight trails and bush wacking. When we hit more open trails (3rd gear) there wasn't as much of a difference but, it was still better. Take it for what it is worth. The terrain was : bushwacking; snow and Frozen forest floor...higher speed trail; frozen dirt and mud on frozen dirt. Hope that helps a little.

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Let me tell more about my case. My local dealer rarely import WR. The last time was 06 and the previous one was 00. I rode my WR for 7 years, it still healthy and powerful. But may need to do more maintenance in the coming days. There is a chance to import new 13 WR now, so, i want to make a quick decision for this chance! In Hong Kong i can only buy KTM 250, 350, KLX450R and some street legal(weaker and heavier) bikes. But I like blue!

Most of my time riding in tight woods and low speed single tracks. I always need to hold the clutch for such powerful bike. I think i need to go down to 250 but no stock and no FI for 250. So, I hope this FI 450 can give me a better handling and use less time in clutch lever.

Yes, this new version WR with the 250f style frame will be quite a bit more nimble than your older WR. And if you purchase the programable EFI, you can tame it down, or wick it up, depending on which EFI maps you use. Also, an Automatic clutch will help tame it down and make the power more managable.

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