Got to ride the CRF yesterday. It was not setup and barely broken in.


Was very smooth, no punch like my 426, I seemed to rev it out more. Did not feel as quick/fast as my slightly modified 426 (e-series pro meg & bk mod & uni filter) but by no means slow.


Like a CR, I felt no MXA push!


It was plush but waaay soft for me. I didn't spin any clickers but I wonder if it gets harsh when you stiffen it up.


1 kick, no drill. I did stall it on the track and had a hard time lighting it but mostly due to an akward position and my not 100% right leg.


Noticebly lighter, easier to move around.

Weight and starting are enough to sway me but I'll wait and see what Yamaha does for '03.

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