XR650L Lowering Link

Anyone have a picture of an actual lower link installed on a XR650L? I am curious to see where it goes. Also - any feedback on how it affects handling and clearance? Do you really notice the 1 1/2" drop? Can't you just lower the front fork assembly a bit?

lowering the front end changes the steering geometry. While I have found that (on my bike anyway) it made the bike handle better, there is a limit to how far it can be lowered without becoming twitchy and potentially dangerous. Also, you can't slide the forks so far up in the clamps that the tapered or smaller diameter is in the clamping area. Clever tinkering with pvc pipe and/or shortening the fork springs takes care of this problem, if needed, but that's not a beginners project.

I have a Dual Star lowering link, it lowered it about 1", noticeable dif., no negatives other than it may bottom easier (tire hitting underneath fender) but I dont jump it hard anymore anyway. Also if I lowered it any further, the kickstand would need to be shortened.


This past Sunday I installed a lowering link on my 04' XR650L. I picked-up the link from BajaD. BTW, it did not come with any instructions.

Anyway, it was not so difficult; however I have a few tips, tricks & traps to share. In no particular order...

- Measure the mid and rear height of the bike before and after. I yeilded about 1.25in (lower). I'm going to have my kick-stand adjusted; but mainly due to my 17" motard wheels. Plus, I lowered my forks about 3/4in.

- Jack up the bike and let the rear wheel hang (secure the bike). No need to remove the wheel; just remove the two bolts. You will need to lift the rear wheel to remove & re-install the bolts due to the fitment pressure (used my foot to push/hold it up as needed). Otherwise fairly uneventful & easy.

- Order the link with new bearings. Don't attmept to re-use the OEM bearings in the new link. I had the toughest time getting the bearings removed (very long story). TRUST ME HERE! JUST DO IT!

Have some grease ready, so that you can re-grease the bearings and enclosure caps etc...(per the OEM manual).

Sorry I don't have any pics. But if you look at the under linkages you can't miss it; to me (the non-mechanic) it was pretty obvious.

Now; I have not had a chance to ride it as yet. Its been storming here in Hawaii. But from what everyone has shared; its better than sliced bread.

Hope this helps; good luck!




The Dual Star link came with greased bushings instead of bearings. At first, I didn't like that, and it appears that it would be possible to swap out the bushings for the bearings out of the Honda link (although a hyd. press would be needed). However, I can't tell any difference in the action of the rear susp., so for now the bushings are still in there. I did end up having to crank the rear spring preload up a bit to compensate, but otherwise the rear of the bike isn't noticeably stiffer.

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