2 012 yz 450 throtle snatch

The lurchiness of the stock setup was never really an issue for me but the idle stability was. Either way, the throttle body modifications that Wade at Injectioneering did to mine were the one thing that made me decide to keep my 12. The bike now lugs down to idle and comes back up perfectly, starts easier, and virtually refuses to stall. I called him and thanked him after my first tight trail ride. Far and away better than anything else I tried. The first crack of the throttle is really easy to modulate. The tuner will not affect the bike in the rpm ranges you guys are talking about, as Gray already said. The throttle cam sounds like a bit of a band aid. I rode my buddys stock 11 the other day and the difference was apparent immediately. I used to fool with the maps on mine before the mod but now Ive just been running the stock map everywhere. Semi desert to wet, 3 ft logs. The bike now just runs like it should. They're your bikes and money guys, Im just telling you what I found.

I want to say around 300 bucks? I did it last year so it may have changed. They had some kind of an issue with a race team they were dealing with so mine was a little slow getting done. It was less than 2 weeks though anyway.

Update! I have the throtle tube and will instal on my first day off, friday 4-12-14. I am hoping to ride and give it a test but we are in the middle of an ice storm. I am looking forward to seeing for myself how effective or ineffective it is. yz

Yes but call first and make sure they aren't going to use the GYTR tuner to remap you.

Why would you say this? How else do you think they are going to do it? lol

Why would you say this? How else do you think they are going to do it? lol

Because the GYT-R tuner won't remap the timing below about 3500 RPM, and won't correct the problem. The tuner the techs use can adjust the idle mixture.

Because the GYT-R tuner won't remap the timing or fuel below about 3500 RPM, and won't correct the problem. The tuner the techs use can adjust the idle mixture.

What he said, with a slight addition. Ignition and fuel from idle to the first available setting on the GYTR tuner will need to be adjusted to soften the throttle tip in response.

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Lol I bought my GTYR tuner simple to fix this problem as I am riding tight single track and it did fix it, so whatever you guys are talking about is not right. I put the "woods" map in mine and it's WAY better.

You can affect the problem, and it may be resolved to your satisfaction, but what about those who don't find the "woods map" suitable for their purposes?

Ultimately, the single best fix is the Injectioneering mod, but the tuner the techs have access to will do a far better job of addressing this issue than the GYT-R tuner will.

60$ and about 15 minutes to instal. I think it was worth it. It did help noticably bid not cure. It made the bike a little easier to controle the bike in slow first and second gear turns. Before the bike would lurch between engine braking and too much throtle. I couldnt role the throtle on smoothly. I had to feather the clutch a lot. Now I ca I noticed I can find and hold the throtle at slower rpm's and can roll the throtle on smoother. I can also stand on the pegs easier without lurching back and forth so much. I would guess it helped approx 10 to 20%. Don't get me wrong, the new throtle tube helped some but did not cure the lurchines from idle to the first available stoke throtle setting. It is a little easier to controle but still needs work. I am also still getting used to the bike. Any contined suggestions are welcome. yz

Am I reading this correctly? It's $88.? Is it kind of an after market gytr tuner? yz

88 Euros. About $118

"CO" FI adjusting tool , here's a link:


Does FI YZ, WR, R125 , XTZ660 Tenere and maybe others, can't recall .

I have used it successfully on all of the above.

So this will do everything the gytr does as well and works on newer model bikes?

So this will do everything the gytr does as well and works on newer model bikes?

Everything the GYTR tuner does - nope.

Works on newer model bikes- FI bikes as per list + maybe one or two more. R1,R6 etc etc can be done through the dash but this is a YZ forum.

Think of it like this- diagnostic tool + the bit we are mostly interested in; we can adjust the "CO" setting, like adjusting the pilot setting on a carb' model ( in a FI way ). More fuel ( richer)=doughy soft off closed throttle, Less fuel (leaner)=sharp snappy off closed throttle.

I actually dyno'd and mapped the fuel curve on a bike at one stage, it is surprising how far up the rev range this has an effect on (contrary to popular belief).

My XTZ660 runs like a dream now ;-)

Gray may be able to elaborate further, I am positive he must have used one at some stage. He's a very knowledgeable man.

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Went riding a second time with the new throtle tube. Just a few more things to note. The throtle tube seems to be more efective the faster the bike is moving. I have to give the bike more gas to lift the front end over obstacles. The jump in power is noticable at half throtle but not bad as long as the bike is moving. I am faster and can controle the throtle better on flat tirns, also a little easier to controle the bike going over the lip of a jump. yz

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