13/52 Gearing

Is anyone running this gearing? I have an '07 that I strictly trail ride and have been running 12/50. I plan to replace the chain and sprockets and am looking at 13/52 vs 12/50. My question and concern is whether I will have any clearance issues with the stock chain guide?

Input anyone?


it works great on my 2010...

13 x 51 on my 2011 , works a treat. Shortens up 1st gear enough for tight stuff and closes up the gears so you can get into 2nd / 3rd and shuffle between them for the flowy med speed stuff.

I tried the 52 rear and wasn't a fan. First was too short and it put too much torque at the rear tire for me. I'm running a 13/50 and I like it allot. Riding in second and third in the flowing stuff is good and first has enough range so I'm not shifting constantly in the tight stuff. JMO, I don't think you will know until you try it yourself. Chain is going to be different, make sure you measure before cutting.

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