06, yz450f gearing and jetting

Just picked it up, needs a new chain and sprockets. I will be trail riding, any advice on chain and sprockets for proper gearing and wear, figuring a good quality 520 will be sufficient?

Also it wants to back fire and ping at low throttle, seems pretty good at mid to full throttle.

Has fmf power bomb header and powercore 4 silencer. Will have a twin air filter on it.

Go with the Iron Man sprocket set 13/51or2 from: Nate at dirt tricks they are absolutely the best sprockets and you can also order a Z ring chain from him also, this is what I run on my 06 .

Mine loves to back fire as well. Not sure if the power bomb came stock on them or it was one of the previous owners mods. Thought maybe it had a mild tuning issue. The thing runs so good through the gears though I haven't bothered playing with it.

Is it really that much of an issue if it zagurggals & pops when I get off the gas?

Thanks guys, I have it running good. Previous owner had a 52 pilot jet in it, replaced with a 48. Also replaced fuel screw with a knob style one, set at 1 1/2 turns out, was at 2 1/2. Starts, idles, DVD runs great, no back firing.

I would also recommend the Dirt Tricks sprockets. Nate is a great guy and supports a lot of local races. Anyway, it depends on where you ride, but in th desert I liked a 14/50 for general riding and racing. It was about the best compromise between giving up a little in slow tight first gear stuff and high speed terrain. If you don't see a lot of high speed terrain, stick with stock or maybe go up a tooth or two. I would judge it off low you need first gear to be if you don't do much high speed riding. If you do, you'll have to make compromises with the stock transmission.

I just went -1 in the front, so now it's 13/51 and let me tell you that thing is a wheelie monster now ! I love it.

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