Carb hanging

Anyone had any problems with their throttle sticking? Mine just started, I recently cleaned my carb and put on new cables, I have double checked the cables and everything seems fine. Its almost as if it were sucking air but if that is the case I dont know where from. Its sticking a a REAL fast idle, not much fun when your trying to make a hard turn and you cant shut your bike down :) . Any suggestions? I will probably tear it down in the morning and see what I can find.

Norman K.

Beaumont, TX

2000 YZ426

I've had no problems with mine but I know the 01 YZ250 two strokes had a recall because of sticking throttles.

If you just replaced the throttle cables, that's probably it. I noticed these carbs are very sensitive to how tight you get the cables on the pulley when you adjust them. Loosen up both cables at the carb and fiddle around with how tight you get them, don't reassemble anything. Play with the throttle while you still have access the the adjustments. I had the same problem your describing and it is either in the routing of the cables or how you have them rigged at the carb. Toy around with them and you'll notice the difference. Start by loosening the adjustment bolts and give the throttle a twist and it'll probably snap back like it's suppose to, then go from there. You'll get it with a little patience.


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