Starts but dies

So I had my first race of the year this past weekend. Made it 6.5 miles into the race and the 08 YZ450 quit. It seemed to be running fine, I dropped into a right hand turn with a small rut, maybe 12" deep. As I went throught the rut it sounded like the bike was running out of gas, the rut was about twenty feet long. Bike was fine going in and never made it out.

I kicked it for a bit and got nothing. Figured there was something actually wrong so I pushed it off the side of the trail. Course worker came over and we tried the following.

Took the ga cap off and listened for a pull of air to make sure the breather wasn't clogged. Sounded fine.

Played with the kill switch, just pushed it in and out, didn't seem stuck.

Switched the tank from reserve to on to make sure the hole wasn't plugged, no change

Tapped on the carb to see if the float bowl was stuck, no change

Laid the bike over on the left side to get some gas running out of the carb, gas came out but still no change

Tried kicking with no throttle and even tried with throttle, no change.

The bike will fire up but then immediately shuts down. It will run for maybe 1 second. It won't fire everytime. It seems like it has to sit for at least 30 seconds before it will fire again. I'm thinking something ignition....cdi, stator, or some dirt got into the carb. I'm no mechanic so help me out guys. I'm going to start taking it apart this week to try to fix it. My buddy has an 08 YZ40 he has apart so I can get my hands on any known working part. What things should I try swapping out?

I had something similar happen and it was a clogged pilot jet.

Sounds like a stator problem, bu tit could be the carb, I guess.

Thanks for the replies. I'm going to give the carb a good cleaning just for good measure. If that doesn't fix it I will change the stator with a known working stator. I will let you know how I make out. Looks like I won't be able to get to it until Thursday night. Sucks I didn't get any points on the first race but at least I get a throw away.

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