2012 wr 450 gas tank,,need bigger

are there any tanks out there bigger than 3 gal ???? 4 gal would be nice

Your other option is IMS 3.0 gallon for about $250

Your other option is IMS 3.0 gallon for about $250

By my mathmatics, a 3g IMS tank is not bigger then any other 3g tank.....the OP was looking for something BIGGER then 3g :thumbsup:

I wonder if Safari will make the rear tank fit the new 450 frame? If they do, then combined with there large front tank you would be able to run up to 6.7 gallons!!! That's .1/gals more than I currently run in Baja!!! If they do this, I can see a new bike in my future!!!! And with the fuel spread out over both the front & the back, the handling will be better than my current 6.6 gals up front (41 pounds!)

I don't know if the plastic used on the tanks has changed but, some guys use to poor hot water in them then add compressed air to expand the tank. I don't recall how much more they got out of it. I do however remember a couple that looked more like a odd bubble than s tsnk.

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