XR650R Carb on a XR650L

Will this work? I hear it runs much better with the 650R carb. The reason I ask this that I am thinking of selling the old carb.

It works, I've done it. Fits like it was designed to go there. Works much better than the CV carb.


You've got my ears burning. What's involved? Any major modifications for the choke or throttle setups? Definitely interested in learning about the performance comparisons. What the heck did it do? Thanks in advance. :)

I pulled my stock carb, (with power up kit installed), from my 650R to put a TM40 Mikuni on it. My pal Scuba Steve had a 650L and hated the CV carb. We pulled the CV carb and the "R" carb fit right up. The intake and filter boot slid right up. We used the throttle cables from the 650R and it took a little fiddling to get them figured out but it worked out.

Steve loved the throttle response - said he could power up in second and that never happened before. His CV carb had all the tricks done to it, (jets, needle, etc.), and a slip on pipe.

I've seen 650R carbs go real cheap on Ebay - there are probably guy's here that would give them away. Try to get the cables with it.

Like how cheap? :)

I see them on Ebay go for $60.

Thanks Dutch.

I'll be looking into this not so well-known mod/upgrade. If I can't get the throttle cables with it I guess I can get them at the Honda dealer. I'll keep you posted.

I don't have a 650L but in the intrest of curiosity could someone go one step further and put the Edelbrock QS, that 650R riders go to for the low end response and easy use, on the 650L as well? If the stock carb fits that should mean the Quicksilver would fit as well...wouldn't it? Just curious.


I am having barnums put an edelbrock together for my 650L. They will have to convert it to a pumper to make it work. They are very knowledgeable and great to work with.

I wouldn't assume that because it fits the "R" it will fit the "L". The issue of carb slide size may make it too tight. Just don't assume.

I have a QS on my 650L. It's worth every penny I spent on it. As different from the stock carb as night and day, hands down. :)

If I can nab a stock R carb and some cables (for cheap), I'll do the switch. After all the re-jetting & tweaking I've done on the stock carb, it can't be any worse since I still have low-end performance issues with it.

Thanks Dutch.

Don't know much about aftermarket carbs but I'm checking into it now.

Do you (or does anyone else) have any direct/indirect experience you could share regarding this Mikuni flat-slide carb and installing it on the L? I've only removed, rejetted and reinstalled the stock CV carb.

I have a QS on my 650L. It's worth every penny I spent on it. As different from the stock carb as night and day, hands down. :)

They are worth it huh. There is one on ebay now for $299. Maybe if I get some extra cash I'll do this mod.

I've no experience with the Mikuni and the "L" but the TM40 Minuki pumper on my "R" was money well spent. I don't believe the carb on Ebay is a pumper. If I was going to go through the trouble setting up a new carb it would have to be a pumper. The power off the bottom with one is impressive. The TM40 kit for my bike was under $300.00. If the Mikuni on Ebay goes for $100 - $150 it would be worth it for the improvment over the CV.

with the flat slide, is there just one cable? If there isn't a "push" cable, is that a problem?

The TM40 has a push and pull cable and uses the stock Honda throttle.

I wouldn't run a pull only carb. When I want my BRP to slow down

I REALLY want it to slow down.

I have an FCR41 on my XR650L. I'm really glad I did it, although it was expensive. Throttle response is vastly improved, and the bike makes more power (significantly more) at all throttle openings. I got mine from ProFlo

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