What Sprocket/ What tooth

Hey everybody. I Was Wondering what sprocket you would all recomend. And since im on the subject what tooth. i have a 01 YZ426. The tracks i ride at are so and so. There are some spots that are long straight aways that either lead up to a roller section or tripples. And then theres other sections that theres either Uphill whoops or doubles right after the burm. So what size tooth would you all recomend. Should i stay with stock. Go up one or 2 teeth? Any help would be very appriceated hope somebody responds to this post :)


I have an '00 and added 1 tooth to the rear for moto and trails. It helps off road with the lower 1st gear and helps on tight tracks as I don't ever use 1st gear anymore and won't ever again find neutral on a jump face (it hurt).

This is a tough decision to make for you. Since we don't ride the track(s) you do it would be hard to say what would be the best for you.

I ride tracks where in one portion of the track I wish I had one or two more teeth on the back. When I get to the back section of the same track I am glad I have the stock gearing. I have yet to ride a track here in So. Cal. (where there are plenty of them) where at some point on the track I wish I had different gearing. Since I cannot afford to have a rear sprocket on hand for every different track, I had to decide on a good overall gearing for every track I race.

What do you think about the gearing currently on the bike? Do you think that a tooth or two on the rear sprocket will help or hurt? You may have to find a good overall gearing and work with it.



I run a 50 at the back, it seems to be fine, but the tracks I ride on don't have straights longer than 60 - 80 meters MAX!

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