white brothers pipe question

At a race this weekend some dude was beside me at the start and he had a White Brothers pipe on his 426. Man that thing sounded sweet. Any of you have this on your bike? I'm wondering if it helps the performance any or if it is just a cool factor thing. Was definately louder than stock...

I have a Pro-Meg on mine.

It's short, wide open end and LOUD!!!! :)

It really added to the bottom/mid. I haven't been near the rev limiter since.

The noise will even get other thumper riders to move over or make a mistake. God help the 2 strokes, they can't even hear when to shift.


I have the White Bros E-series pipe. From what I understand with the 400s/426s you don't really "gain" HP with an aftermarket pipe, rather move the existing power around. The White Bros pipe I have supposedly gains you more bottom end/torque. & it also has a spark arrester while the stock YZ400 pipe does not. Also, with the White Bros optional headpipe you gain access to the oil filter, which the stock headpipe blocks.

Frankly I wouldn't have spent the $$ on the pipe/header combo (like $249/$169) but I bought a used bike and it was already on it. I am going to get the optional "quiet" core for it tho because it just shakes my brain its so damn loud!

I'm currently running the E-Series. According to the included documentation you can add or decrease the plates for more top to low-end torque respectively. The kit comes with 12 plates total. White Brothers claims that 4 plates (with the spark arrestor plate) is equal to the stock aperture.

Intending on doing mostly desert riding I put on 8 plates - expecting mid to top end torque. Sure enough It seems to pull just fine in this range. While on a twisty singletrack, however, I discovered that the low end suffers...lot's of back firing and quickly topping out.

Finally...I like how short it is but it'll start to toast your rear fender. White Bros sells a plate that supposedly solves this by deflecting the exhaust but I can't attest to how well it works.

I run an pro meg on my 01' 426 and have noticed an improvement in the area of responsiveness. It seems much quicker and has tons of low end, but I have to admit it also got one less tooth on the front and the gearing probably has something to do with it.

Later The Fireman

I have the WB R4 and it shifts the power to the upper revs (yet still has good bottom...makes it harder to stall in a high gear) If you are a trail rider or a bottom end guy I would not get an R4! This pipe likes to be revved more than say the E series (which is a low end pipe).

My WB tapered header (which gives more bottom and mid) combined with the R4 (which is a top end pipe) gives me great power throughout the range! I love this setup since I am a revver and the gasketless design is convenient for people who take there pipe off alot, like me! Later,


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