how important are speed ratings

me again,

i have noticed speed ratings on different tyres,

what will happen if i go over the speed rating

could this result in bad handling or will the tyre burst

thank you


When a tire manufacturer builds a tire they have to prove it is safe at it's intended speeds. They put the tire on a machine that simulates loads and speeds. There is a considerable amount of safety margin built into this number. It's sort of like elevators - if it is rated safe with ten people it has to be able to safely carry thirty.

Tire companies rate their tires to the bikes they will be used on. If it is a knobby it would be foolish for them to test it for a "V" rating.

One fact about higher speed rated tires is they tend to be thinner so they run cooler at high speeds, an "H" rated tire will last longer and be more durable than a "V" rated tire. So the answer to your question is if your bike is handling ok up to 90 mph it should be good at 110. Also the speed ratings are for extended time at that speed. If you don't plan to spend all day above that limit I wouldn't worry about it.

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