yz450f tire selection

so have any of you used artrax tires? i recently purchased a set of their sx1's and am loving the back tire but the front doesnt hook up anyone tried any other artrax front tires previously had a michlin 12x in the front and loved the tire not the price

Try the Maxxiss IT's for a durable long lasting tire that works reasonably good and usually isnt too bad on the price.

thanks for the info but i really want to know if anyone has used the artrax front cause there only 50 dollars a tirw

My experience with low cost tires is that they universally comply with the adage that you get what you pay for. That's less true of middle to higher priced ones, though. The thing you have to keep in mind is that ultimately it will boil down to a question of what works on your bike for the dirt you ride in in terms of traction and durability, and the tires I choose for desert racing in SoCal may very well completely suck in the Tennessee woods.

If you had a S12 , try a m12. It mite last longer ? It seems to work good in mixed terrain , sand to medium dirt.

thanks for the info really wanting some info about the artrax front they seem to wear good just dont like the front sx1anyone tried any others

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