02 yz426f clutch not grabbing half to full throttle

my 426f the clutch seems to be slipping from half to full throttle i looked at clutch plates noticed they looked ok and there was not much oil on the which kinda bothers me any answers would hep cause im new to the 4 strokes and really just wannna ride but cant deal with the clutch issue so my bike is just sitting tried adjusting clutch cable got nothing also when i pull clutch in and go to click in gear if i try to go easy into gear it will grind but if i just click it fast it goes right in but has a small clack

it could be a number of things. is there enough slack in your cable? are the plates thick enough?(measure them with a caliper- they don't always look burned.) not having enough oil on them would make it grabby and not slip so that's probably not your problem. also, it is possible your springs could be shot.

i changed plates and stuff still the same clutch cable adjusted in and also tried out

the grinding sounds like your clutch isn't disengaging proper.Did ou check the plates for warping?I guess if they were warped then you would get uneven contact on the disks and may cause slippage under stress but also not disengage proper from idle.Another thing to check is the basket for notching,your plates could be caught in a notch and getting poor engagement.

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For one thing, you aren't supposed to "go easy into gear". The transmission has no synchronizers, and multiplate wet clutches drag too much for the gears to spin down to a stop the way most cars will. Make your shifts clean and sharp.

The clutch slippage: Is this a steady rise in RPM that is not matched by an increase in speed, or is it a jerking sensation as if something were letting go and then grabbing again harshly? Does it happen ONLY in one or two gears or in all gears, but worse in fifth than first?

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