E-Line Skid plate, quick response please, want to buy today !!

Hello all,

I read good things about the E-Line skid plate for the 426. Question... does it come up around the sides and replace the stock metal case guards?

Quick response appreciated, want to order it today.

Thanks in advance,

-- Charles

yep! FULL coverage! the E-line replaces the waterpump guard, covers the frame rails, and has a guard in the shift side as well (it adds a place to keep the breather hose cleaner) well made protector! :)

thumper racing had both of mine in stock, shipped right away, both times. (one in 98, one in 2000)


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THANKS ADAM for the lightening response!!! That is why this forum is so great.

Ordering now.

-- Charles


Don't be surprised if you have to fabricate the skid plate a bit to get it to fit. I had to send the first one back to E-Line and talked with Kevin Hines about the fit issues which he thought would be resolved by the 2nd skid plate. WRONG!!! I figure their mold is off a bit and I had to use a round shaped file to move the bottom rear center hole about 3/4 of an inch to the 'correct' location in order for it to fit. Don't get me wrong I love the protection, just think they could have worked a bit more on the fit.

Good luck!


I've owned 2 of these and except for fit they are decent. Fit is a bit finicky and expect to use a round file to adjust mounting hole location abit. Also, I was casing doubles quite often with the first skid plate ('enduro plate' actually) and the soft fiberglass got pretty beat up. The current one is holding up but the carbon fiber is easily scraped off if you case anything. Still, it is much lighter than other full skid/case guard combos.

now i remember... my first one did need about 1/2" slot in the rear to fit.. I put a round file in my cordless drill. it is worth it though. :)

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