EZ starting

I am new to TT and was wondering if ayone had thoughts regarding my starting technique.. I always get my 426 to start on the first or second kick cold or hot (with choke cold and sometimes with the hot start when its hot) my question is this, I crack the decompression lever just far enough to open the valves, I kick her thru and release the compression lever just as the kicker nears the end of the stroke. The inertia and speed of the lever stroke starts her anytime. Do you think the valves will ever contact the piston??? I dont think its happening now and it makes her real easy to start... Thanks..

01 WR426

air box mods

e series pipe

grey wire

throttle stop mod



Acerbis bark busters

YZ rear fender

and looking for anything to remove for weight reduction..

Frank, I can't speak for anyone else, but I wouldn't start my bike that way.

Here's what I do, which also works like a charm every time.

IF THE BIKE IS COLD: Choke on, two quick blips of gas, kick slowly till the kick starter won't move down any more. Pull in the decompression lever and push the kick starter down about an inch. Let the decompression lever out, bring the kick starter up to the top and give it a good boot. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds.

IF THE BIKE IS HOT: Same except NO blips of gas and no choke. If it doesn't start on the first kick, I pull the (Red) hot start button and repeat.

It has ALWAYS started in no more than 2 or 3 kicks.


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