white brothers E series plates?

So I got a 426 about 6 months ago and love it. I have been cruising the site for a while for helpful info and finally joined. I have an issue with one of my exhausts. I have an E series and love it. The problem is that I dont have a spark arrestor in it, or any of the baffle plates. I then proceeded to learn that I cannot get them anywhere and Vance and Hines were extremely unhelpful (as I believe it was them that acquired the brand). I was questioned by one of the coolest rangers here in California about it and informed that I had to have those pieces (no ticket). I was wondering if any of you here knew where I could find those parts, or even had some that you were looking to get rid of? When I get some good pictures of the bike, I'll upload them. Thanks

Admin, please delete. I found the parts I needed. Thanks

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