Homemade spark arrestor

Has anyone made homemade spark arrestor for yz450f stock pipe? Going to race this weekend and they require spark arrestor

all sparkys need to be U.S.F.S approved

Gonna guess if it's not USFS approved it doesn't count.

Those running the race will probably require that the spark arrestor be stamped/marked approved by the USFS. Homemade ain't gonna cut it.

Yea, they arent gonna let ya slide on that, lol. I mean hell, if you could, i woulda just fashioned some metal screen on the FMF quiet insert I have....but i had to buy the combo one that says USFS on it.

Check if you can get a cobra "sparky" spark arrestor for your bike. I don't know if you can even get them for modern bikes anymore.

I know 4 stroke mufflers seem to be twice as expensive as a smoker exhaust for whatever reason. That's probably your only legitimate option.

The races I do they usually just stick the stick in there to check.....never seen them look for the USFS stamp.

But since it doesnt look like any of the known sparkys maybe more chance they would..?

I've only ever seen them use a rod to check for a screen, if the checked each bike for a USFS stamp they would never get everyone through sound check. My buddy recent out some screen on his son's 65SX silencer and passed the sound test with flying colors!

Buddy went through the whole thing with his jeep he crawls on NF land. "Approved" NF spark arrester had to meet a spec, Basically, Krizman, disc (supertrapp). or stainless screen of a certain mesh size., like chain saws use.

In short he ordered some bulk screen and wraps the end of his tail pipe held in place with a hose clamp. Carry's the screen spec and receipt and the law that specs the screen size with him to defend himself if needed. Not sure it's worth any potential hassle, but see no reason a bike couldn't do the same.

ive made several homemade sparkarrestors for races. never once had anyone check for the usfs stamp. just get a strainer from a dollar store, drill the rivets on the endcap and stick the strainer in and pound it back together, ive done ama nhha races, isde qualifier races, and my local utah races. all they ever do is stick a metal rod in to see if it stops in a screen. homemade will be fine. ive even heard of people stuffing steel wool in to pass tech. if youre really worried get a letter punch set from harbor freight and stamp in usfs.

I did the race yesturday, passed sound check and spark arrester check easy.I got a stainless steel tea strainer thing for a couple dollars.I tore the screen out, then drilled rivets and took end cap off exhaust.I put screen over pipe and gently persuaded end cap back on and rivited it up.Cheapest spark arrestor I have ever seen, and i love it.Oh yeah I can tell you they dont look at the usfs approved or whatever it is because I stamped mine USDA APROVED REGG. I had all my buddys laughing because I think it should be USFS, I also mispelled APPROVED and put my nickname on it REGG.

I use an fmf that takes different inserts. I have the super quite one that kill all kinds of power for sound test(by the way it's still to loud with that at 98db but they let me slide), then it's back to the truck to put the straight threw insert with the screen to pass tech on the line aka stick test. it's all a bunch of bull you know what but it makes the greenies and blm happy and it keeps me racing.

Hellya damn greenies want to stop us from riding are spots and restrict us on places we ride, bullshit and screw um all, I love to ride and die free! I was riding and almost got decapitated by cables they put up.luckely I pulled the Clevis out of the wood and got whipped instead.riding is not a crime

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