Dragging Clutch

This doesn't make any sense to me at all, but hopefully one of you has run across this and can help: I recently upgraded the clutch on my '00 426 with the 2001 seat plate, spring plate, and final friction plate. After doing so, I noticed the clutch dragged. My first moto on it I stalled it quite a few times because I'd pull in the clutch, step on the brake, and it would die. I thought I had fixed it by moving the adjuster on the engine case (preset more pull thinking I just wasn't reaching the end of the clutch pull with the new plates). Well, that didn't work, it still drags. I had it apart last night and this is what I found:

With the pressure plate off and all the drive and friction plates removed, the clutch boss spins freely. Each time I add a friction and drive plate, it gets progressively harder to spin. By the time the entire stack is put on, I can't spin it by hand anymore. Also, if I pull in the comp release, hold the kill switch and kick her, it lurches forward like the clutch is grabbing. I reassembled and held the clutch in and repeated, it still grabbed.

I'm stumped, why the h-e-double hockey sticks is the damn thing dragging so much? I have the new parts installed correctly per the partsfish blowup and the spring plate has "OUTSIDE" facing outside.

If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear 'em. This is dangerous as well as frustrating.

I have a 2001 YZ 426 looking in the manual it shows 7 steel plates and 8 friction plates .In addition there is one skinny plate[steel] and one skinny plate [friction] behind that there is a spring plate and seat plate. I know Yamaha updated the clutch in 2001 maybe the basket is bigger ? Does it have a different part number? Or better yet the clutch boss was updated to accept the "cushioning" spring and seat plate.

Once again totally stumped, but last night I had it apart to check for plate warpage that may be contributing to the dragging. Found all of the friction and steel plates to be flat. Reassembled and decided to start it up just to see how bad it was really grabbing while it was running. Get this: after warming it up ('til the pipe had a nice red glow) the excessive dragging was almost gone! I killed it and walked it around with it in gear and the clutch pulled in and it rolled fine. I was even able to adjust the cable tension to where it the clutch released before the lever crushed my ring finger (and that's with the MSR Raptor lever). I'm really glad it's working but I just don't get it. I guess the oil works better when warm or the basket got a lot more oil in it as it was warming up. Whatever it was I'm really excited to get it out for a ride!

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