Is my 2002 WR400F same as 2000?

First post here. After 20 something years away from riding bikes, i recently got myself a tidy 02 WR400. Very happy with the bike, but i was wondering if any of you very knowledgeable people could tell me if my WR uses the same parts as a 00 model? I understand that here in Australia they ran the WR400 along with the WR426 untill 02. So i'm wondering what parts list i'm meant to be ordering from.



It seems that in 2001 Yamaha went from WR400's to WR426. I'm guessing that your 2002 model is really a 2000 model but just labelled as a 2002 because that is when it was put on the showroom floor.

If you let me know the tenth digit of your vin I may be able to confirm this.

Shane, Those two bikes are very, very similar at the very least. And most parts will interchange between the two. Like Barra said, get him the VIN number and go from there.

Welcome back to the Bike Kingdom Shane!!!

The Vin: JYACHO4W 1 1AO 13626

Thanks for the replys.

By the vin number it is a 2001 model. As mentioned it will be made in 2000 but released in 2001 (maybe even 2002).

Cheers Guys. So i know to order parts from 00 models. ta

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