Michelin StarCross MS2


I am still asking questions about tyres. Have anyone tried the StarCross MS2 from Michelin on the 426? Are they any good??

Thanks guys.

01 YZ426F

I know of one person that has run them, they didnt hold up to well. Most of the side knobbies were chunking and ripping off, and this guy is a novice rider, not hard on equipment at all. I had heard rumors that Michelin was having trouble with those tires, but that could never be confirmed or denied. 426's are hard on tires, i'm going through em like butter. I use Dunlop 756's front and rear, if it gets too hard and dry, I put on a 739 out back. Hope this help a little!

I ran the soft version on my 200 and it held up well and worked great in sand but I also heard rumors of failures. The sidewall is very stiff and the tire is somewhat difficult to mount.

I had a set of the MS2's on my wife's YZ125, and after 6 weeks, ALL of the side lugs were cracked and 75% of the lugs were gone. My wife is a very good rider, but no pro. I was really disappointed in the tire. Michelin stood behind it's product and sent us a S12 which is holding 10 times better. I personally really like the S12 on the rear, good wear qualities and good traction. I'm sure you will get alot of different opinions, this is just mine.


Everyone I know that has run the S12, is a huge fan. The exact same thing with the side knobbies is what happened the before mentioned person. Although he didnt talk to the right people I guess, because he didnt receive anything. I havent run the S12's on my thumper yet, How do they hold up, anyone?????

I am currently running the Michelin StarCross Intermediate.

It works pretty good. I can't complain about life. On a 520 cc bike, I have 7 rides (5 of which are 2 hour hare scramble races on some hard dirt, and rocky crap) and two MX track practices at about 3 hours each.

I just turned it around.

I don't like it QUITE as much as the Bridgestone M78 for traction, but since it's being phased out....this may be my replacement tire. I am anxious to see when a Hard terrain version comes out.....softer compound, more bite, less longevity....

I use the MS2 on my 250F and I haven't had any problems at all. I was running the S12 before and it wore out extremely fast. Also, the S12 was terrible on hardpack. I know this isn't what it's designed for, but I still thought it would work better than it did. IMHO, I would go with the MS2 over the S12.


My experience has been quite the opposite. I run this tire and love it. I was running 756's before this and upon a reccomendation I tried the Starcross. I'm glad I did. My bike was tearing through 756's MUCH quicker than the Starcross. I went ridding on a very rocky trail last weekend, I was sure my tire was going to be dust. To my surprise it was still in good shape. This tire had a very stiff sidewall and needs to be ran at a lower psi. I run mine at 10 psi. I highly reccomend this tire. You won't be sorry.

Good luck.



I've been running Michelin for some times, I was looking forward to the Starcross but I'm less than thrilled with them now.

I've gone thru 2 Starcross intermediate/hard, both did crack and lose some side knobs, wear would be good but they fell to pieces in no times...

Two weeks ago I mounted a int./soft and I rode a muddy MX practice and I went trail riding, it still look good but I wished I did put on the S-12 I had: wear faster but better traction.


My son is running the Starcross MH2. It looks just like the MS2, but is for hardpack. It works just as well in the soft stuff, too. He raced a Saturday qualifier and a LCQ at Steel City on it. He has since raced 5 more Georgia Series races on it and I have not turned it around yet. He doesn't practice on it, as we have 2 rims, but still.... 6 races... and Steel City was gnarly turf and it has a few races left on it. I gonna turn it around this week. I have nothing but praises for the Michelin Starcross MH2 on a 426.

After running Dunlops all my life a bud of mine taked me into the Michelin MH2 front.

Does anyone else have anything positive or neg to say about this tire except Fireball?

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