oil plugged somewhere

heres what happened: i was installing a trailtech stator with my 04 wr450 laying on its side, i cut a piece of shrink tube and a piece maybe an inch long fell into the case. at first i wasn't sure it went in there. i emptied the case, nothing came out. did an oil change and i ran it a bit. checked the oil and it was way full. emptied the case barely any oil came out. oil filter was covered by a mashed up shrink tube. ive done 4 oil changes including taking off lines and filter in resevoir. the other day the oil was all in the frame resevoir, not flowing thru. the oil lines and filter are off right now and empty of oil. is there a way to flush the oil lines in the case? tried compressed air, one side pushed thru the other didn't. any suggestions?

I would go section by section. First isolate the frame tank. See if you can get air through that then oil in the normal direction of flow. Then go to the book and see if there is another section you can isolate. Slow and steady. Sorry I don't know the passage ways on an 04 but I would guess between the oil pump intake and the filter. On my 04YZ there is a screen in the return between the motor and the frame.

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