Damn it happened AGAIN!!!!!

Freagen #@&(*(&*& computer!

Last Sat as I was preparing for raceday at Canyon I decided to check on TT to get me in the mood. Went to turn on the puter and not realizing it had turned on hit the button again before it fully loaded!

The feaken screen comes up "you have 10 seconds to open in safe mode" which I did.

Now it is in safe mode ALL THE TIME! I've re-booted several times and spoke to my computer friend over the phone and he seems to think I picked up another virus!!!

Any suggestions, I'm at work now but if you e-mail me your ph # @ G_Man82c@yahoo.com I will call you when I get home for some much needed help. I know there are some real computer whiz's out there so HELP ME!!!! lol

In the process of buying a new/used vehicle (great tips, breeze!) and always looking for different areas of employment so I need the puter @ home bad. btw I am able to open the internet in safe mode but it works ****ty.

Thx in advance,

Im sure you dont have a Virus. At Startup Hold Down F8 and it will take you to the screen to choose between Safe Mode/Normal Mode/etc etc... Just choose normal mode and youll be back to normal. Rebooting your computer wont help you HAVE to hold down F8 at start up of your computer. Hope this helps your problem

Thanks for the reply and I tried that last night and it did not help. Yea I didn't think it had a virus either, cuz it worked fine the night before.


Need to know what sort of system this is, what version of Windows you were running, and if you have the system disk or a CD boot/rebuilt disk.



Penium II 400 MHz 128 RAM

Windows 98

I believe I have a Windows 98 Disk laying around, will look for it when I get home.



I'll assume this is a workstation and not a laptop. If it's a laptop, turn the system off and pull the battery. With the battery pulled, hit the power bottom. Re-install the battery and re-boot.

If it's a workstation, turn on the power and hold down the delete key. This will take you into the BIOS setup. Go to the boot drive section and change the setting so that the CD drive is the first boot device.

Insert your system CD, save BIOS and reboot.

System should either successfully boot from the CD or provide you with the option to re-install the OS. If it boots and operates in normal mode, you somehow have corrupted your OS, (which I think is why it’s stuck on booting in safe mode).

If it provides the option to "freshen" the OS, with no loss to your applications or data files, do so and re-boot, (rebooting with the CD removed of course).

If the OS become corrupt, you may want to check the drive or errors or bad sectors. Run the scan disk or check disk application.

Every BIOS and boot disk is different depending on the version of Windows and where the version of Windows came from, (IE, Dell, Compaq...etc). So my story and process may not be perfect.

I'll think this over a bit more and see what else pops into my brain.


just hold down f8 when your computer is loading when it says loading or os startup

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G, there's a loose nut behind the keyboard - that's the problem!

G-man, did the last post resolve your problem? If not, find your emergency repair disk or you can boot up in safe mode and should be able to run an upgrade install which should replace any corrupted files.

Thx guys I'm back up! Wish I knew my way around computers like I know my m/c's.....

Was it the loose nut behind the keyboard?

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