Starting problems? Check this out !!!

Use google for your search cause you'll want it translated unless your fluent in Doitch(German).


They have some awesome radiator braces and batteries that have 2x the cranking power and are gell cell maintenance free.

The braces are made by

the batteries are by hawker.

Also check out ,make sure your bike came with the "ytz7s" 120cca, not the cheapo version "ytx5l-bs" as it is the same size but only 70 cca.

Gonna get my wife (German) to order some for me.

While I'm at it check out

Lets see... a falicon crank + tumic cylinder and ron hamp head should equal 70hp -if it'll hold together.

Merry Christmas to me....! :D

By the way.... Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Bro's! :)


Google has a "translete" link when it finds something on other languages. use it.

or use

Do you have any cold weather starting tips. I'm currently looking into my PJ size after last weekends kick feast.I am from Red Deer, Alberta and had really no problems this Summer starting the bike. Now with the temperature below 0C it really doesn't like the cold. Ideas???

You are running too lean when it gets cold. Check your PM's, WR Dave.

I have been storing my bike in sylvan for a month now and last weekend it started up first kick I was really surprised. You may have to turn out your fuel screw a bit. Or Maybe put in a larger starter jet mines a 68 and i am going to a 72. You may also want to run a light oil. :)

72 starter jet is right on now! That Hawker gel cell battery is cool. You can get it domestically without having to know German at this web site:

I will get one when the stock battery starts to become useless. :)

I will try the larger starter jet. currently running a 48 pilot, will this have to increased as well :)

I doubt that mine will need to be change from the 48, but not to sure yet I will have to wait till I get my ice tires on and try her out on the lake.

Leave the pilot jet at 48. No need to change this. :)

In response to Ice machines question about jetting, I went up 2 sizes on my main jet,and 2 sizes on the pilot, raied the needle, (lowered the clip) one position but may need to go to 2 positions. Idles great, and throttle response is dead on after adjusting the fuel mixture screw. I'm going get the main dialed in properly before I fine tune the needle.

Anyways a 45 pilot and a 180 main looks to be the ticket with (my bike setup) at 1200ft, -12 degrees Celcius.

Check out my signature to see the mods I've done. :)

The wr cam will make adifference if you don't have the yz cam installed.

When I went to the yz cam I had to raise the needle one clip raise the main 1 size and dropped the pilot 2 sizes.

The yz cam has a WEAKER VACUUM SIGNAL at low rpm and srtonger at high rpm.

To all, thanks alot. tried the starter jet and the cold starting is really improved,

I haven't had it out yet, but I will grap a few extra jets, haven't touched the pilot yet.

Do the signs of quick deacceleration backfiring go away with these changes???

Hopefully I can try these changes after Xmas.

The needle will need to be changed to get the backfiring eliminated. I recommend the JD blue needle clip #5 right now. I am glad you like the results with the 72 starter jet. :)

I have always had trouble starting my wr 450 when.I bought a battery trickle charge / conditioner the other day.I have not started my bike for a month and it started after a couple of second cranking. Wow it has never done this.It will be interesting to see if this keeps up.Perhaps there such cheap batterys they don't hold a good charge when let sit for a day or two.

I know this is off the original topic. but, Does this JD jet kit come with a chart with alt. vs temp. compensation. during the summer we ride from 2200ft to 5000ft 10C to 30C and would nice to pre set before the ride or at least know the range needed. This bike isn't my favorite for checking the plugs.

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