bike stand

What is the best bike stand to buy? I have been looking at the Excel Moto-X lift stand and for the price, it looks the best.

I guess no one uses a bike lift.

I use a Ready-2-Ride lift stand for most of the general

stuff,you can see them at there made

local to me and lift the bike with little efert once


For complet rebulids I wielded up a heavy stand,theres

a lot of choices out there.

Jerry :)

No. I guess no one uses a bike stand in the 13 minutes between your posts. :)

I am currently building my lift stand(s) from plans I got here on TT. For only a couple bucks worth of material and couple hours of your time you too can have a stand.

I've been using one for years! Ever since I bought my first XR600!

Here's a picture of the Excel stand with my son's TTR-125L on it:

Here's a picture of the WR450 on another stand. I've had it for over ten years and remember ordering it from an ad in the back of Dirt Rider:\

Both work well on concrete/blacktop but the blue one my 450 is on does not work well on soft ground or something that is not close to level.

I'd go with the Excel Stand because it does work on more surfaces.

The old blue one has a better (easier) lever mechanism though . . .

Both beat lifting the beasts!

Thanks for the reply. I figured the best one would be the Excel stand.

Not to give away my exact age but after reading this post it sure make me realize we've come a long way since the days when a milk crate worked great as a dirt bike stand. The difference I guess was 3-4 inches of shock travel then to the 11-12 inches of shock travel we enjoy these days. :)

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