2014 model?

I'm just weeks away from pulling the plug on a 2013 YZ450F and I was wondering if anyone knew when the new models are scheduled to appear?

I'm planning on getting a YZ450F for enduro type riding which will result in several after market mods(weight reduction, clutch, exhaust, stator etc) and I'm wondering if I wouldn't be better off waiting to see what Yamaha has in line for 2014.

PS. I had my sights set on a KTM350 but they don't sell them in my province. However, I must confess that the white YZ450F is by far the most beautiful bike design I've ever seen myself.

the new one should be out any day, if u go by my luck i just bought a 13 last week so it should be obsolete any day now

The new model is not usually introduced until April-May-June. Then is released about August-Sept. You may see the prototype of his bike the first weekend in April at the Japanese Nationals. Then you might be interested in waiting for it, or not. There had been rumors of an early release/introduction for this model though. The current model is a great bike though, and even better with a couple of mods.

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