WR426F Baja Kit Issue

Short time lurker, first time poster. I just bought a 01 WR426F with ~4000 miles. Ive rode before but this is the first bike I've owned. I've conquered the manual decomp and used this forum to do my first oil/filter change. My issue now is with my baja kit.

I recognize some of the parts on this kit as Baja Designs (front blinker and the handlebar controller) but my rear blinkers are identical to those from a Ruckus and most of the wires are spliced together rather than connected by a harness clip. My major issue I believe is my stator. My horn doesn't work, my blinkers blink at random intervals in high RPM and don't really blink at all while idling or while the high beam is on. I realize the stock stator probably isn't adequate to run all the lights, but I didn't think it would struggle this badly.

Where should I start looking to fix this problem? And if I need to upgrade the stator what brand is recommended? Thanks for not flaming!

First off, replace your Rectifier, and double check all ground connections.

Try taking your turn signal switch apart and cleaning it with contact cleaner. My bike was doing the same thing. The switches were corroded from moisture . Exacer2

Awesome, Ill check these after my ride tomorrow. Ill let you know what I find.

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