I have a Yamazuki where do I fit ?

I have a 2012 Suzuki drz400s with 2008 Yamaha YZ450 Forks and triple clamps .

I am having a little bit of binding when turning it to the right side . wonder if its the races or not .

the races are from the original DRZ400S . the 2008 dont seem to fit .

also wondering what the torque is for the stem nut . maybe I have that too tight .

I also have a 39mm FCR 39mm MX carb from the 2008 YZ and I want to install . any help there?



The YZ stem sets up this way:

  • With the bearings cleaned and lubed, run the ring nut down to around 25 ft/lb and rotate the bottom clamp side to side a few times.
  • Loosen the ring nut about a full turn, then retighten to 6-7 ft/lb
  • Install the top clamp and tighten the crown nut to 105 ft/lb

What I don't know is whether the dimensions of the DRZ races match up with the YZ bearing assemblies well enough to work right or not.

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