Purchased 2000 yzf 426 and it won't start

I have not done that I just now kinda found out that I'm starting the bike wrong but I will try that when I go home for lunch

If you hold the decomp lever down while cranking, the bike will absolutely never start.

Watch the videos again.

Well like I stated I was not following proper starting procedure. I did follow it this time and with a little throttle it fired up the choke on. However it dies when I push the choke to the off position and it has a pretty nasty back fire maybe its running lean?

I'm having starting problems with my wr400 at the moment so I'm reading this thread with interest. i have just had my carb ultrasonic cleaned by a mate. when he stripped it he found that the float bowl gasket was shot and that the PO had used silicone to achieve a seal. i just rang my dealer and he want £23 for a new gasket !!!! i am working with a really tight budget. so my question is, does anyone know where i can find one cheaper? UK preferably because of postage.

thanks for any advice

Ok maybe I will let it warm up a bit more before cutting the choke

So I got home pulled the bike back out and started it up I let it warm up a bit more. After a couple minutes of running with the choke on I shut the choke off and it still dies. But I did notice a small puddle of coolant under the bike. So I took off the skid plate to see where it was coming from and it's def coming from the radiator vent tube. Is this normal?

Mac I searched on eBay and they do not have just a gasket but they do have a rebuild kit and it about 43 bucks $us. And shipping is free I believe it to be free for overseas shipping also but don't quote me on that one.

you have an idle adjustment on the carb also

It has an external idle adjustment yes I turned that up all the way and it still dies.


I have not messed with that one I have not tried to adjust anything except the external idle adjustment

I will have to pull the carb and look should I just replace it or clean it?

I changed mine without pulling the carb,just turn it to the side.I would replace it as its cheap and running something through it to clean it may make it larger as its not a big hole to begin with.

I will have to pull the carb and look should I just replace it or clean it?

Read the links I posted. Cleaning works fine if done right, but replacement is perhaps more certain if you lack the tools.

Will do I appreciate the help from everyone making it much easier to work on the bike

I pulled the carburetor again and pulled all the jets cleaned them and reinstalled. The very tip of the pilot jet was kinda messed up and rough and. Put it all back together and still will not idle even with the idle adjustment all the turned up. Also I asked earlier about coolant coming from radiator over flow tube and didnt get a response is this normal I mean it drips out pretty good. And makes a puddle after about two minutes of running. I did order a new pilot jet also.

Yes, if the bike is just sitting there running then the radiator will overflow if not moving. You have to get airflow through the bike to keep it cool. Maybe try a different pilot jet, if not maybe a carb swap is in order

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