05 wr450 crank rebuild

after i heard a knocking noise on the engine of my wr, tore the engine down to find that the roller bearing in the big end of the crank is buggered and has alot of side play and abit of up and down play. upon inspecting the barrel it has scored it also on the front side, facing the front wheel. i assume these things are interlinked?? so ive ordered up a new cylinder barrel and piston which have since arrived.

i have stripped the bottom end down to come to split the case but the flywheel im guessing needs a specialist tool to pull it off? any idea on how much this would cost to do at a dealership?

also i have seen that oem cranks are alot more pricey than some of the alternatives i have seen? could anyone name a decent aftermarket crank or is the one i have in at present ok to rebuild??

lastly, once all the work is done, is it possible to build the engine completly on a bench and insert it as a job lot, or is it best to put the bottom end in first and build up inside the frame??

thanks in advance


Hot Rods has a good reputation. Especially with the Yamahas.

yeh i was looking at themnand they arent too badly priced either.. just out of curiousity, how much would i be looking at for the case to be split, a new crank inserted and trued into line etc... ill be takig the crank with me to be fit, im just looking for a general idea of the cost of work involved.

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