Rear brake on handle bars???

I have been toying the idea of putting a rekluse auto clutch on my pig and instead of having the clutch lever putting the rear brake on clutch side, has anyone done this? I rode with a desert racer who rides a ktm525exc and he had this set up he loved it. (I have herd this is the set up I can think of positive and negitives...No clutch :)) but blasting out of turns and less energy, and easier braking sound good)Just wondering :D

I HAVE NOT DONE THIS, but I was thinking that you could try to convert the decompresison lever for the clutch. (I don't use the decomp lever anyway, and knew others didn't as well) I also have seen some bikes with thumb decompression lever on the left side, maybe you could ADD one and still have the clutch use if needed (not as much with autoclutch) BUT still have rear brake as well!. just brainstorming


I haven't done anything like this either, but in the November Dirt Bike there is an article on trail riding Colorado. In that article, there is a small feature on a guy's KX500 that is Revloc equipped and also features a hand brake and two rear wheel calipers while retaining the what appears to be the clutch lever on the bars (page 99). Looks pretty cool, but I haven't ever experienced enough brake fade to warrant two seperate rear brake systems. :) But then again I can compression brake :D

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