Smog block off kits

Do all the smog block off kits use a filter at the end of the crankcase breather tube And is there a better place to put it besides under the seat next to the ignition wires and module.Thanks Laroca1

That's where Applied Racing puts it. I think they do it to keep it high and out of the way. I also think it's so you don't get water back down into the case if you go through a water crossing where your case maybe submerged? These are just guess's!:)

You have a "R" or a "L" ?

It would help if I mentioned the bike, it is a 2001 650R. I'm a 4 stroke rookie I didn't know I had a block off kit until I over filled the engine oil and had it blow out from under the seat onto my boots :). live and learn thanks for the info.

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