Tire suggestions?!?!?!

Just wanted to see if anyone can give me a little input on tire selection, especially any Florida riders. I'm having trouble in thick sugar sand. I run the 739s on the low side and that helps but most of the places I ride I have trouble with the front end wanting to go where it (or the sand) wants to go and not where I want it to go. Would going to a 752 or 756 (I'm partial to Dunlops) really make a big differnce? I get varying opinions from friends so I thought I'd throw it out here! Any and all input is GREATLY appreciated!

Bottom line- will tires really make a noticeable differnce? I know $120 or so dosn't sound like much but I'd like to be sure that it's worth the time and trouble to make the switch!

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Regardless of the tire, $120 is TOO MUCH. A 752 0n a Honda CR will be different than a 752 on a YZ/WR.


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I ride 756's front and back in sand, mud, and semi-soft. Bottom line, they rock compared to stock. No questions asked.

756's or Michelin S12, M12 combo. they both are much better than the junk the bike came with.


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My favorite allround tires are the Michy Enduro Comp iii and iv(front). If you routinely strike deep sand you might like to back off the rear spring preload and reduce the compression damping so that you can get a greater geometery change when you move your body back. It's cheaper than changing tyres. Unfortunately you then also need to move further forward to turn on hard surfaces. Too little rear preload is the reason WRs got the rep of being hard to turn. Life is a compromise.

756's front and rear-soft dirt, sand, hardpack, rock, asphalt,mud -no disappointments.

Florida riding and sand go hand in hand. We were just discussing the same subject on our ride this past Sunday. It's a fact of life down here. We're talking DEEP SUGAR SAND. None of this thin sand layer over hardpack crap, either. I learned how to ride in sugar sand so it's no big deal to me, but if it's new to you it can be a bear. PapaSmurf, I'm sure you know the proper technique, but for those of you who haven't experienced deep sand riding, the key is to stay on the throttle and keep the front end light. Hang your butt over the back fender and keep your feet on the pegs. Use the rear tire thrust to steer.

My bike came with Michelin S12s, front and rear. My previous bike had Dunlop 752s. The Michelins, in my opinion, are the best you can buy for Florida riding. They really hook up well, but they are also pricey. My bike is tagged and has a Baja Designs kit, so I went for DOT approved tires on my first tire change. I'm using the Kenda TrakMaster II on the back. It is almost as good as the S12. And it's only $40 from Chaparral. I highly recommend it. I've gotten about 3K miles (about 9 months of riding nearly every weekend) out of my tire, and that includes paved road riding. It's started to chunk off the knobbies lately, so I'm replacing it soon--with another TrakMaster. I've kept the front S12 on the whole time because it's such a good sand tire. But I'm thinking about replacing it with another DOT approved tire, the Dunlop 905. Never used a 905 but the tread pattern looks pretty good for sand. It's about $70. Stay away from the front TrakMaster. I've got firsthand experience that they aren't very good.

A couple of other ideas you migth consider would be a new set of triple clamps (if you have a pre-2000 machines) and a searing stablizer. Unbelievable difference in the handling. Just my $0.02 - actually it will run $500.



I used the 905 for years. Its a good tire. I even used one in an ISDE Qualifier. I only have one other DOT front I use that I think is a little better. The Pirelli MT44 works great in the Northeast. I have the TrakmasterII on the back. Still in search of the perfect back DOT. A DOT 756 Dunlop would be perfect. I need the tread depth of the Kenda.

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