First ride yz450f...time to find some...

Having ridden for 40 years, yes that is a big 40...its time to get dirty. Several weeks ago I got the bug to find a dirt bike and so my search began. When I was young (read age 5.8 and 10) I had ridden my first bike a sears pull start 5 hp (now called a doodlebug) a 74 Yamaha GT 80 and lastly a 77 RM 125. This was the last time that I had been on dirt/grass of any kind, only street riding/racing since.

Fast forward I found a showroom new low hour 04 yz450f-full factory connection suspension (set up or 230lbs-fits me!) and a few other goodies, so I plopped down the cash and rolled the bike into the house.

The weather has flat out sucked for the past couple of weeks but yesterday despite being in the low 30's 99% of the snow was gone and while ice was on the trails in the shade, it could be avoided if ones speed was kept in check. We went out for about an hour, having never been on this trail before I was shocked...about 1 mile of 3-4 foot high very close I was getting the shit kicked out of me for the first few minutes of the ride. I had forgotton how to approach the woops but standing on the pegs solved that problem. I was able to keep up with a 14 year old kid on a yz250f who lives for the dirt. (he did tell me after that standing is the worst thing to do for short tight high woops-he didnt elaborate maybe someone here can as to WHY?)

While on the trails we happened upon a 75 foot 1-2 foot high icy mud pit...I told the kid to go first so I could see how he ran though it and figured if he could do it , i can I big deal..just soaking wet legs and boots (more on that in a bit). Along the trail was a walking path maybe 150 yards in length....finally!!! time to do some wheelies...yeah baby...what a blast! First gear powers up, shift in to second, and into third...if you cant ride a wheelie in this bike, you must be dead...What a machine!! love it!!! I asked the 14 year old to do some wheelies, and he just shook his head no and said ," I dont do those"....he has no idea of what he is missing out on.

I was riding with one of my pairs of street shoes, they were Speed Strength Moment of Truth low shoes. While they provide excellent protection for over the ankle and foot protection for the street, they really lacked protection in the dirt (yeah, I know street shoes not mx boots). My feet were soaked and this morning my inside of my legs/calfs area are beat to shit from being bounced of the frame of the bike. Now I understand why mx boots are almost to ones knees.

So today my search begins for a pair of mx boots for my fat wide E width feet. can someone suggest a brand that caters to Fred Flinstone feet?

I had a great time, and am hooked again on the part...grab the house and wash the bike in a few minutes unlike the hours required to clean a custom street bike.

Thanks in advance.

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