Heavier Flywheel Weight for WR450?

Anyone running a heavier than stock flywheel weight on their 03 WR450?

I realized the more I rode the bike that I missed the engine braking and extreme low-end torque of the XR600's I'd been riding since 1988.

I've geared mine down with a 52T rear sprocket but still miss those features at times . . . mainly in the really tight and really slick stuff.

Check with Chuck Steahly at www.steahlyoffroad.com. He used my WR 450 as a prototype to build weights. He said that he hasn't had much interest but you never know.


So, does your WR have one?

Did it make a huge difference?

No, I had one on my WR 400 but I felt that the WR450 with the added starter drive and such was enough extra weight.

I personally haven't felt the need for more weight. I used to stall my 400 all of the time, never at a good time. I don't seem to have that problem with the 450, and it's not because I am a better rider now. It has got to be the added mass on the crank.


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