where to start on this issue

I went out to race the general gncc yesterday in aonia, ga. I felt great since I just got back from spring break and was nice and relaxed and excited to ride again. The bike seemed to be running excellent and was starting first kick. I got a great start and was second out of the first turn. Then in the second turn it stalled out. I am running a rekluse and have it adjusted properly so I found that strange. I was still rolling so I started it quick. Then less than half a mile in going down hill it stalled again. This began to happen throughout the first two laps quiet a bit. So I started using the clutch and it still stalled. Then after less than 22 miles I ran out of gas. I can normally make it over 35 at a fast pace. I have not had time to take the bike apart yet. I am just trying to see if anyone has any ideas on where to start. I was thinking maybe there was trash in the carb and the float was stuck. But any other ideas would be a great help. I have another race this weekend and need to get it fixed before then.

Too rich a pilot circuit will cause this. When the bike's too rich at idle, the RPM's drop too fast as it idles down, and it can dip below idle speed and stall. The thing related to the Rekluse most likely to cause this is if the engagement rate is too quick, not the engagement speed being too low.

A flooding situation caused by float/needle problems can do this, but frankly, the most common cause is people installing too big a pilot. and/or adjusting too rich in order to get rid of every last trace of decel backfire, or when trying to make the pilot jet somehow correct a stumbling problem created by either a faulty accelerator pump or just plain bad riding style.

I havent changed my jetting in 6 months or more. Do you think it could still be the pilot?

I'm thinking float issue, and you're probably losing gas because of it.

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