This is what came out of my motor............

Yeah, us too. Hop to it!

GAAH! My Ears...!

I'm guessing the water is from the engine sucking water thru the crankcase vent tube. If you start the bike while the end of the tube is underwater... it sucks it up.

Really? Maybe you don't understand crankcase ventilation.

What water? There was NO water

Well, except for the quantity, it's all good news.

No Viscosity issues, no excessive debris either.

Thanks for the note about the watery black oil. Often times looks can be deceiving when it comes

to visually inspecting an oil, and that's true here too. The viscosity was in the 10W/40 range, and the black

color didn't transcribe into excess insolubles or other contamination. Compared to averages, metals look

fine, with just the exception of nickel, and it's not too far out of line. We're not sure where it's from though, so

that's an interesting find. Due to silicon, you might check the air filter. Otherwise, just check back to monitor.

The TBN of 7.5 was fine.


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So there is nothing wrong with that oil? I feel so... violated.

So there is nothing wrong with that oil? I feel so... violated.

...imagine how I feel....


I wouldn't worry about it. These newer 4 strokes don't really need oil to run. And if there is some oil it just needs to be the right color. :smashpc::naughty: Are you now going to dive into the bottom end to make sure there is nothing out of place :thinking:


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