what's going on?

i picked up a wr400 motor a while back,then put it in my yz400 bike and discoverd that i needed the wr cdi to

get it to run. One trip up and down the lane and it quit running with a pop. today i looked at the cam timing

and it was a way off but i knew it was right last fall when i installed the motor.

I corected the cam timing with the piston at tdc today and i think the bike kickes over a way to easy now and it wont fire at all.

when i rode it in the fall it was at low rpm just taking it easy.

i suspect valves must be bent now, i checked the chain tensioner in the fall and now and it workes fine, i,d

like to here some ideas on what might be wrong or going wrong for me here with this motor

Like you guessed, I would assume you've got some bent valves from the jumped cam timing. The cam chains should be replaced fairly often, as they can stretch with time and allow the cam timing to slip.

i thought about it lots and i,m going to pop the head off and take a look. some times its nice to have a second opinion thanks manica

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