WR or YZ426

I am in this huge debate as to whether I should get a WR426 or the YZ. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah so I end up riding tracks and gravel pits on the weekends. However, my brothers both ride big bore XR's(XR600R and XR650R), and when I ride with them we ride in the mountains and usually to Baja Mexico once a year. I am leaning towards to YZ for the power and weight. My question is will the YZ perform on tight mountain trails and will it be fast enough in the Baja? Help???

I think most folks prefer to modify their YZ's to perform better in the woods than try to hop up the WR to perform like a YZ (plus the YZ is a few bucks cheaper).To make a WR more YZ-like see the WR page, but here's a short list. The WR is timed to be a more mellow power delivery and most folks end up YZ timing their WR's. Also, the WR throttle has a stop in it that most remove to get full benefit. For the YZ, you can get an aftermarket pipe with a spark arrestor that improves the bottom end and you'll definitely need a larger tooth rear sprocket for the kinky woods stuff, the stock 14/49 is pretty tall (I've been riding Oregon trails all summer with this gearing and it's arm pump city on the clutch hand!!). If you're going to try and keep up with the bro's doing 110mph on the XR's, you'll need to look into taller gearing than stock for the Baja trip. If I remember correctly the YZ tops out at 88mph in stock form.

To me the choice is simple, if you really need the lights and the larger gas tank, get a WR and hop it up to suit your needs. If you can manage with the YZ fuel capacity and don't ride at night, get the YZ, use the leftover cash to make a payment on some new sprockets and some bark busters!

I'm sure others will have different opinions, but that's why we're here.

Good luck, you can't go wrong with either of them!

I went through the same thing. my YZ426 is not an enduro type bike ,in the woods its gear box is geared too tall. 1st gear is like 2nd on a xr 600.So tight woods trails require alot of clutch to navigate some areas. Top speed is 70 flat out, problem is youre winding out pretty bad. The WR is geared lower[wide ratio] for hill climbs and a coolant recovery bottle for hot tight trails. With the YZ you get a stiffer suspension. Each bike is light as opposed to a 650 R. From what I hear the 650 R has a much higher top speed and is top choice of Honda desert racer Johnny Campbell and also top choice of Scott summers for enduro racing.Buddy of mine has a WR 250 its not as powerful but it comes close only drawback is starting is a bitch sometimes. Another advantage to the WR is the larger gas tank on 250 and 426. 2001 YZ 426 1996 XR650L

The biggest and hardest to change difference, IMO, is the gearing. A YZ with WR gearing would be ideal. The gearing IS a factor and should be the determining factor depending on the type of riding you do most. Not sure what it would cost to have case split and WR gears installed on a YZ?

I just went through the same thing a few months ago. I ride mainly trails and hit the track for fun. I ended up with a WR. The seat tank on the WR is crap and you'll hate the feel of the bike, it will handle horrible. I went to a YZ seat/tank. Bought a used YZ pipe for $50. Did all the free mods, including YZ timing. Other than the gearing the other pluses with the WR are kickstand, lights, heavier flywheel, better valving in the fork & shock for trails (although mine won't bottom easy on the track either.) To me, I got the best of both worlds.

Bottomline if you mostly trail/play ride & like to climb gnarly hills, the WR will make life much easier. If you ride a track mostly then get a YZ, but most any of the WR goodies you want from lights to a simple kickstand, you'll pay dearly for on the aftermarket.

WR! if you ride fast, especially desert, you will be sorry if you don't get the Wide Ratio Woods Rocket! 1st and 2nd are lower, 4th and 5th are taller. makes for a better all around bike. the seat- tank are a little bulky, but i don't think they are as bad as every one says. (i did switch mine though) flywheel weight is good and lighting coil is nice as well!

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