Post the best picture with your WR 450

Let's try and get a visual blow out of our best pictures!!!! WR1.jpg

In the Sahara (Tassili)

I couldn't figure out how to put the picture here, so just check out this web page and browse the few links there, you can find there few good pics taken of me riding in Iceland.

Lets see that took about 80 gigs out of the hard drive......and for a bone stocker no less. :)

Nice background though.

Good grief! Let's resize before posting.

Does look like cool dunes.

Seems to me that I am a lot harder on my bike than most. Yours is very shiny...

tiout, where exactly was that picture taken??

picture was taken in south-esat of Algeria a place called Tassili. Great riding. most beuautiful place I have seen.

Those pictures are so cool. Can I ask how you got the chance to ride over there? Thanks for posting the pics!

tiout what kind of camera were you using those pics are incredable. :)

I did this through Yamaha Motor in France. Yhey have a trip to the Tassili every week, departing from Paris. They have WRs, TTRs, Warriors, and Raptors available. $950 + airfare.

You can see more pictures on their site:

I took the pictures with a regular Nikon 3.2 MB coolpix digital camera. It is sooooo beautiful, you get tons of nice shots just by pointing and clicking.

Anyone has pictures with WRs in South America?

I just figured out how to post pictures! :)



Okay, this is SBG on the WR250f (aka me), and Foursmoke on his WR450f.


Hey Mark, you don't say your on the left :)

Smoke :D

Just saw your pictures on another thread ,

Very nice :)

Hey Mark, you don't say your on the left :)

Smoke :D

Well, I put the names above the bikes. If they weren't sure, they would just have to check the pic and figure out who was mad stylin. :D




How far from the nearest gass station :)

What kind of skid plate is that? It has the wings under the peg area, and all those lightening holes. geat looking plate. How does it mount up? Awesome pic btw. :)

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