Post the best picture with your WR 450

I think the skid plate is especially made for Yamaha Motor France. They had the Yamaha logo stamped on the bottom. They have it in their accessories catalog and it may be the one they will be using for the Paris-Dakar on the 2-Trace ridden by David Fretigne.


The ride in the Sahara is now sold in the US. They have an enlish section on their website at:


Nice Splash Bamster!!!! :):D

Hey Math that pic was taken in Quebec.

Just north of Hawksbury ,Greenvile area,near River rouge.

Did you ever ride there? :)

Nope, I know where it is but never been there.

I knew the ground look familiar :):D


Highest dune climbed with the 450.....

Two shots from my 10 day road trip last month:



WOW!!! :thumbsup: Where is that? Wanna ride over to Coeur d'alene, Idaho? Beer on tap at my house! :devil:

Here is me and my 2004 WR450FS I bought it bran new in Lake Havasu City, AZ where I live. It had to have been the happiest day of my live. I just love this bike!!! 4463P4232894.JPG

Le Vining, CA. I went riding up at some old abandoned mining towns. That's Mono Lake in the background.


Is that you in that photo? I must say I was very impressed with this photo and that is just awesome!! Wow! Even sent it out to a few of my dirtbike buddies.... :thumbsup::devil:


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