Wr400 and a recluse clutch

Anybody got a recluse on a wr400?

They have them listed for the 426 but not the 400. I called recluse and they said they don't think the 426 kit will work in the 400 but they weren't 100% sure

if they made one, I would still own a wr400

Gday mate,

I've got a z-Start (not Pro) in my 99 WR400. It works a treat too. I think these kits are long out of production, but you might be able to track down a used one.

I'm surprised Rekluse couldn't help you as the fitting instructions are still available on their website (http://www.rekluse.com/Yam_YZWR400_191-278-103105.pdf).

The z-Start kit is not supposed to retain the clutch lever, although the mechanic that fitted it modded it so that I was able to use the clutch manually as well. This doesn't give much clutch feel though, and is really only useful for finding neutral.

In every other respect the Rekluse is awesome, especially in single trails where I can hold a higher gear and snotty hills. When I can afford a new bike, it'll get a Rekluse as well.

Good luck finding one, it won't be easy but it'll be worth every cent if you do!

Hey fat&forty-, here's a suggestion- how bout when you upgrade & sell your bike- put the original clutch back in, then sell me the z-Start mates rates? :lol: Worth a shot I guess- come on mate :thumbsup:

The Rekluse clutch costs a fraction of what I paid for my whole bike!!!

Whats the big deal, why is it so good?

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