Another BK Mod

I just finished another BK Mod to a friends '01 YZ 426. He couldn't believe the difference. He siad this Mod was the BEST modification he has ever done on any of his bikes!! Again, THANKS BK!!

Thats what I said when I did mine! But a few others disagree because they didnt change the jetting!

I was finally able to get my bike out to the track Sunday to test out the knee and the BK mod. I had ridden Ty Davis's trails and it seemed ok. I got onto the track and I could not believe the performance gain. It took me a while to get the jetting down because I live at 4000'. Once I got it dialed.....OH MAN!!!! I can already tell that rear tire life will suffer as a result of the mod!!!LOL


Please explain BK mod

Monster - it's a carb mod to shorten the duration of the accelerator pump spray, go to the link below (Motoman393's website) for pics and how to do the mod, I did mine on Monday evening

BK Mod

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