Back-fire! Not good,

Since the cold weather I changed to the jd blue with the clip all the way to the top. Ran ok but back-fired on lett-off. So I decided to go with the red on the top clip now it pauses right off and if you gun it it chokes for a second then gets up and goes. What sould I do? :D:):D

170 main with JD Blue #4 works good this time of year. :)

Thanks Indy you always have good advice, I will give it a try. Thanks again :)

Richen in winter. RAISE the needle and bump the jets and richen the mixture screw as needed.

remove your back fire screen from the airfilter cage! :):D :D


Indy had the time too play with my jetting and I tried out 170 main with the blue needle 4th clip. Bike runs great just a little sput( I believe this is just a dream to get read of all sput) but I aim very pleased and thanks again for your response :)

Yeah Ronnie, the bike really rips this time of year. I am running uncorked so you may be a little rich with your homemade baffle but I would not fuss with it too much. The cold air gives the bike maximum HP. I love riding this time of year. :) No one is on the trails! I just wish we had more mud like we do in the spring. Deep mud and deep sand are my favorite riding conditions. :D Now if I could only learn to Love deep ruts and roots. :D

You just come to Drummond next year Indy. You will find all the mud, ruts, roots, and rocks that you can stand. :)

I am coming up for sure Don, but I hear it is all rocks the size of houses! :) Moab with mud? Ha Ha. :D

There is rocks allright. But they are more like softball to basketball size. Some solidly planted some rolling around loose. And all of them are covered with wet, slimy, greasy, stinky moss. It's the best. :D :D :)

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