Best oil wrf426

Total rookie question from a rookie rider. Researched every forum and data base as to what oil to put in my wrf426 2001. I know a 10w 40 4stroke oil, but do I go synthetic or semi. They all contradict each other and I want the best for my bike. I want to change the oil before I ride it, it also looks a little off coloured at the moment, a slight milky colour and smells funny. Sorry for the rookie questions.

MIlky color?

You have a blown head gasket or a blown water pump seal.

A 12 year old engine should have the timing chain and tensioner replaced before you have problems.

Put in ANY 4-stroke motorcycle oil and change it every 15 hours, and it will be fine.

Put in ANY 4-stroke motorcycle oil and change it every 15 hours, and it will be fine.


I've used conventional, fully synthetic and semi-synthetic and my bike has over 10,000 miles of trail riding. I do not race, nor do I bang off the rev-limiter. When I pulled the bike apart a few years ago (at roughly 8,000 miles) to do valve stem seals, we did a complete teardown. There was no noticeable wear anywhere, no bluing of the metal, no pits, nothing. I change the oil after every 3rd ride or so, which is about 15-20 hours of riding. Keeping the oil clean is absolutely the most important thing you can do for the longevity of the engine.

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Ask a question about the best oil and you'll get dozens of different stories. The above advice, re any four-stroke motorcycle oil, is about right. Any decent oil these days is produced to a certain standard. Doesn't hurt to get the viscosity that best suits your climate though, just for extra insurance.

I normally change mine about every 5 - 10 hours, to much head-shaking from my old man, who's a mechanic, but it makes me sleep easy knowing I'm going overboard.

Similar to the story above, I tore down the motor from my previous bike, an 02 WR426, and there was no indication of any wear related to poor lubrication.

HOWEVER, I'd definitely follow Krannie's advice re the timing chain and tensioner - as that's the reason I had to tear my motor down. It dropped three inlet valves (not sure which one went first) which was traced back to the tensioner.

Just stay away from any Automotive oils of any kind.

Cheers guys, found a good oil been running on it 12 hours now and no problems. Thanks for the advice.

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