Picking up my BRP?

I have only had my BRP for a short time now and haven't taken a real fall. ( Yet!) I was wondering how to pick up the rearend. On my XR400 there was enough room to grab the subframe behind the side plate and use it as a handle. The 650R has only the plastic fender? I suppose that will be sorda sturdy enough, but wondered if anyone has altered the subframe or done any other mods for there bike to ease picking it up? :)

I've been looking to buy one and was wondering about that. It looks like the fender has a flat on it to grab. I did pick the bike up in the shop using the fender. How do you like the 650 compared to 400?

They are much more different then I expected. The XR400R was a great bike and lighter than the XR650R. Power is much different. I ran a 13/48 sprocket combo on the 400 and it was a wheelie machine! The 650 is heavy! I still need to get used to it. Once I "uncorked" it, it was like a bat out of Hell compared to stock and faster Top-end than the 400 ever thought of! I am putting a 13tooth front sprocket on to see what happens. :)

I was wondering the same thing about picking the bike up. I'm a little concerned about dragging the rear end around by that plastic. I'd also be interested in hearing if this is a concern.

I've seen one fellow who's XR650R had handles which hooked to both sides of the subfram. He was heading in a different direction than me at the time so I was unable to find out if he fabricated it or someone sells universal subframe handles.

For anyone who has dumped their 650 on a hill, you know how sweet this sounds. :)

What sort of situations are ya'll asking about picking up the rear?

I can use the rear finder for lifting out of a rut or sliding the rear around on the trail, or manuvering it around in the garage or on the trailer to get it placed where I want or to line it up for the ramps. I hold as close to the mounts/seat is possible. I have used it on the side I'm lifting from to upright it w/out problems as well but I also use the handle bars with one hand as well and haven't needed to lift entirely with the rear fender.


I DON'T use it to lift out of a mud hole or something that is going to make it much heavier than the bike itself! I get a buddy and we grab the swing arm.

I also (not that I could) DON'T let the plastic support the weight of the bike like holding it off the ground for what ever odd reason.

I'm not saying that it is designed for lifting and you should expect to be able to suspend it by this point but you asked and I'm telling you what I have experienced and how I do it. I have not needed a mod for it yet. This seems like a situation to use your best judgement! Again I'm not sure the situations you are asking.

If it bothers you there are rear racks like


(FourStrokesOnly.com XR650R Rack) that may give more of a place to hold OR www.SRCinc.net has rear subframe extensions


SRC sub-frame extension that would give more substantial place to hold back there. If you want both!


SRC Luggage Rack

Hope any of this is some sort of help!


PS I hope the pics show on ya'lls screen since they don't on mine! I did put links to them following where they should go just in case. Sorry!

Thanks for that. Like I said, I haven't taken a fall yet. I am glad the fender has been tested for this. I think I will leave it alone for now and maybe I can come up with an idea :). Thanks again for the help! :D

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