W.T.B 01-02 YSF426 Alum subframe

I'm thinking :) That I would like to put a YZF aluminum sub-frame on my 02 426 if the price is right. Naturaly it must be in new no damage condition.


the 02's already come stock with a aluminum sub-frame..

OOOP'S my mistake,

I guess I should have made it more obvious that it was for a 2002 WR426


I can't believe that there's not any YZF426 guy's out there that didn't go Ti...Somebody's got to have one laying around collecting dust...

So did my 2000

Try going to the BBR website. They have YZF frames they sell because the stick the motor in the CR aluminum frames.


Hey Thanks PK,

But who is BBR?....

Found-em in TT history


I still cant find one! :)

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