01 WR426 jetting & smokes on start up at times

01 wr426....grey wire cut, power now valve, FMFQ, stock head pipe, cut throttle stop and air box baffles removed. Ride SO CAL deserts mostly....any proven experience for optimum jetting?? What about a headpipe? I also cut my throttle stop a little too much and the slide moves up too high....is this a problem when WFO??

I have recently noticed on a 2-3 occasions that engine will smoke on cold start up....it is oil....The only different thing I did was change oil to synthetic...Yamalube only...but this really should'nt make a difference....Prior to this happening recently....I have never had a problem with this....valve seals???.....It starts easily and does'nt smoke under power......and the bike flat rips....

Appreciate any real life experience/advice from someone out there



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